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Summer Camp Payment

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Summer Camp Payment

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Member Renewal Feb 3, 2024

2024 Renewal is coming up! Current members can renew for the 2024 year and get a $15 discount Feb 3 at the oyster roast. Bring a check made out to "Parkshore Pool" for $510. The discount only applies THAT DAY ONLY. After that, family membership will be $525. If you choose to not renew and change your mind after Feb. 29th, you will be added to the waitlist. Renewal privileges are for current members only. Family Membership: $525 You must renew by Feb. 29th. The waitlist will open up on March 1st. More details coming soon!

Wait List


Sign up for the waitlist today! Should you be offered membership, you will be sent an e-mail. The waitlist rolls from year to year.

Wait List

Price: $25.00

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